Working with Smart Offer/Campaign

Smart offer / campaign is quite efficient way of promoting multiple campaigns with multiple configurations by using one single URL. Multiple configuration settings can include , multiple targeting options, security rules implemented, capping wise distribution etc.

In Offer18, to access Smart Offer/Campaign feature -

Navigate to Offer >> Smart Offer Click on Create Smart Offer System will create a dummy for user. in that dummy user needs to add multiple offers which they want to promote in smart offer

There must be at least 2 offers in smart offer for making it work perfectly. Maximum allowed limit in each smart offer is 50 Offers per smart offer.

Smart Offer has various sorting options based on which user can priorities the offer's order of promotion.



Target Geo

Geo Targeting of Smart offer Campaign

Child Offers

Child Offers to be added in Smart Offer


Mainly there are 6 ways of sorting smart URL offers, these are:

Random : System randomly run offers

OFFERID (ASC) : Offers will run in ascending order of offer IDs.

OFFERID (DESC) : Offers will run in descending order of offer IDs.

Payout(aff) : Offers which have higher payout will run first.

Revenue (Adv) : Offers to have higher revenue from an advertiser will run first.

Profit : Offers which is making more profit will run first.

High CR : Offer which has CR higher will display first.

(icon) Offer Edit

To edit the smart offer

(icon) Assign Affiliates

To assign affiliates into this smart offer

(icon) Get Tracking URL

To get tracking URL for assigned affiliates.

(icon) Report

To get access to report of smart offer.

(icon) Delete Smart Offer

To Delete smart offer

(Smart offer group will be deleted) but dummy will still be available in admin user's offer list)