Affiliate Postback Test

Quickest way to test integration with affiliate is affiliate postback test,

Requirements for Integration -

  1. Affiliate Must setup campaign link correct with proper placement of macros and parameters for integration.

  2. Postback must be saved in that affiliate's profile. (Global / Offer Based).

  3. Test URL must be shared by affiliate.

In platform, Navigate to Affiliate >> Postback Test >> Place test link here and start test

Affiliate postback not found

This error ocurres when postback is not found in that affiliate's profile for whom the test is being performed. This is possible when - - Affiliate Tracking URL given to affiliate is not correct (is not for his account ID) - Postback URL is not saved in correct affiliate's profile

Error needs rectifications on affiliate or admin user end only. Admin users can reach out to Offer18 Support team via chat support to get assistance in such issues.

Some Data Missing - No Click URL Found

The error occurs in click redirection issue from affiliate's test URL to affiliate tracking URL given by admin user. Solution for ratification -

  • if affiliate is using double redirection - they need to stop it.

  • if affiliate has applied any targeting - They need to remove for testing purpose.

  • if they are processing clicks via script / iframe. - Option - A : Offer18 doesn't support such redirection, they will have to change the method. Option - B : Admin user can do Deep Postback Test

Postback Response -

The Postback Response belongs to affiliates only. Response of postback vary according to platform. Admin users are recommended to check with affiliate for detailed clarification of response results after test is done.