Company Profile

Due to security reasons, details are not editable by default. These are the requirements which needs to be fulfilled.

  • Email must be sent via registered email of user.

  • Account Security Secret Key

  • Existing details with registered mobile number

  • New details users want to update

Email format for company details change request:

Email: Must be user's registered account email only.
Subject: Requesting Change of Company Profile : {Field name} OR {Full} - {Existing Company Name}
Message Body:
We reqeuest you to change our Company Profile Details/Field with new ones,
below are the requirements fulfilled.
Existing Details: (to be exact),
Name -
Email -
Company Name etc,
Exisitng Mobile number: (for verification)
New Details to Update -
New Name -
New Email -
New Company Name -
Account Secret Key: (Find you secret key in Settings-> company Profile)
(no email will be accepted or approved with out secret key mentioned)
{Network Name}

Don't worry, if you don't fulfill any of the requirement of there is further verification required. Then your account manager will also reach out to you within 24 hours of request raised.