Fraud Detection

Offer18 provides various fraud monitoring features at both click and conversion level to detect any small sign of illegitimate traffic being sent by affiliates to the offers.

In performance marketing, there's always a certainty of affiliate networks signing up on platform with intentions of selling fraud traffic which in result inflate the earnings of performance network. As till now there is not 100% perfect solution to this kind of fraud; But performance marketers by using Offer18 always have enhanced shield in their hands to protect themselves from such fraudsters or their fraudulent activities.

In Offer18, there are various in-built as well as 3rd party integrations which are just a couple of clicks away from "Enabling" monitoring process. - in your Offer18 Account, Navigate to Tools >> Fraud Detection

Conversion Risk Monitor -

Once users activate this in offer's configuration under security tab. they will be able to get complete stat of conversion speed. in brief ; the stat displays how much is the speed of conversion recording counting right after the click generated from platform.

3rd Party Integrations -

24Metrics FraudScore INMOBI Fraud Defense

All of above 3 Fraud Detection partners have their integration ready to go with Offer18.

The integration with these partners is not free to use. Offer18 users who want to enable fraud monitoring activity from any of these partners must have an account on their end.

In that account they will be given a public key which will be used for parallel tracking of traffic and monitoring of each and every click processed.