Setup New Offer/Campaign

Affiliate marketing industry is based on 1 core concept "Offers". In this guide you will learn creating an offer in Offer18. So even if you are new to platform this guide will be quite handy for you.

In Offer18, Go to Offers >> Create Offer. Here. Fill the basic details of the offer Define Targeting (if any). Add Creatives and Logo. Assign Affiliates.

You can always Edit these settings later on. Each and every details whether you add while creating offer or you skip, can be modified.

Collecting Basic Details -

While creating offers in platform , you'll need to have some information about those offers ; such information can be quickly arranged from advertiser.

If you are a Startup Company and want to try your hands in Performance Marketing Industry, you can reach out to Offer18’s on-boarding team anytime or reach out to your Offer18 Account Manager.

(Note: Details of the Account Manager is mentioned on the dashboard- Home Page)

Example Details For Creating an offer -

Field Name


Offer Name

Name of the campaign defining what it is i.e., My Business Offer


Partner you provided you this offer to promote. i.e., Advertiser

Offer Preview URL

Offer URL

Offer URL is -{tid}

Currency Model

You can set the Currency format of individual offers. E.g. USD

Advertiser Pricing (Revenue)

The amount you are earning from advertiser against each conversion, will be your revenue. E.g. 10

Affiliate Pricing (Payout)

The amount you are providing to publisher E.g. 07

Offer Visibility

(Visibility selection doesn't mean that Offer is approved / rejected. The offer must be approved for affiliate )

  • Public - Offer will be visible to all Affiliates.

    Affiliates only have to click Apply button to get automatic Approval & Tracking URL of the offers.

  • Public + Require Approval - Offer will be visible to all Affiliates.

    But Once they apply for the offer , They have to wait for the approval.

  • Private - Only those affiliates who are granted access to offers by Admin (Network Owner) will be able to view and promote offers.

In this example, the offer visibility will be Private.


With this setting you can set the status of the offer to be:

  • Approve - Affiliate Partners can access and run traffic to it.

  • Pending - Offer is paused; Offers which passes their expiry date are considered as pending.

  • Ended - The offers cannot be viewed by the Affiliate Partners. if the offer is already being promoted then it will throw error of offer stopped.

In this example , the offer status will be approved by default.

Terms - Offer Description

This is a brief summary of the offer. Affiliate Partners viewing this offer will read the description to have an idea of what is being promoted. You can use standard HTML formatting in this field.

Filling up the basic details Step-1(a):

Updating Macros in Tracking URL Step-1(b):

The URL where traffic will be redirected by your network to track the user session/clicks. Always remember this field needs to start with "http://" or "https://". In example, the URL contains Adv. clickid parameter i.e., click_id= in order to pass clickid value to advertiser, We have implemented Our Platform's macro here, which is {tid}.

Define Targeting Step-2 :

Uploading Creatives Step-3:

Assign Affiliates Step-4: