Advertiser Postback Logs

The Advertiser Postback Logs are glossary of notice, errors or response messages for conversion postback triggered by your advertiser to your network,a short info of why certain error occurred.

To access your server logs report, go to Reports > Advertiser Postback Logs.

Below, A comprehensive list of all postback logs messages that can be viewed in Advertiser postback logs These messages / responses are for each and every postback URL triggered from advertiser end/ system.

Status : Conversion Recorded.

This Response meant to the log when a postback URL triggered is 'Successful' by advertiser Platform/System. This ensures that conversion has been tracked successfully in the platform. and there is no error in integration.

error : invalid transaction {tid}

This Response meant to the log when a postback URL triggered is successful but the due to mistmatch of parameters or incorrect click id value passed by the advertiser Platform/System. This log is not accepted by the system. In case of server to server postback integration - Value received in postback url under &tid= parameter is not correct/ not passed left blank / doesn't belongs to Offer18. E.g-1. https://network_domain/p?mid=000&tid=dasfdasjdfgashdfasdfga E.g-2. https://network_domain/p?mid=000&tid= E.g-3. https://network_domain/p?mid=000&tid=D-00000000000000000000000 In case of pixel integration - Reason 1 : Pixel is not placed correctly on advertiser's conversion tracking page. Reason 2 : Advertiser's is blocking 3rd party cookies on their campaign tracking page. Reason 3 : Domain in Offer18's Tracking URL being used is different than Pixel code given to advertiser. Reason 4 : Affiliate tracking url OR pixel code is not https:// enabled.

This ensures that Integration is not correct on either in Offer URL or in Postback URL. Which needs to be ratified as soon as possible.

message : auth_token mismatch

if postback security has been enhanced with security authentication token, and new postback url is not being used by user's advertiser to pass conversions, in that case, user's will see this error.

Cleared due to Multi Conversion - Initial - 1

This response meant to the duplicate TID postback getting triggered from advertiser's system, but user has not allowed it to record in platform under Offer's configuration. which is why this log is not accepted by system.

Cleared due to click expiry

This response meant to the "Expired TID" postback being triggered from advertiser's system. Expired TID - This term refers to the Feature >> Conversion waiting time (in Offer's Configuration) - If postback URL triggered with a TID value of which waiting time is over, then it will be considered as expired clickid. NOTE - This waiting time and expired clickid is only for Offer18's client, This has no effect on advertiser side tracking. Advertisers will receive the conversions as long as they are allowing their own system to.

cleared : event not found

This response meant to the event postback log which has the value not matching with platform events assigned into the offers. the value received can be checked in "&event=" in postback url triggered to match with offer's configuration.

message : IP not in Whitelist

This error stats that postback triggered by advertiser is not from those server IPs which are whitelisted by Offer18's user.