Affiliate Postback Logs

The Affiliate Postback Logs are complete log of, errors or response messages for conversion postback triggered by platform (Offer18) to his affiliate.

Already sent Postback logs of Affiliates, cannot be sent again.

The Postback logs displays the list of each and every conversion that have recorded triggered into affiliate's system.

In Offer18, Navigate to Report >> Affiliate Postback Logs, you will see the current day's logs by default.

Modifying the View Mode in Affiliate Postback Logs -

The following fields are selected by default, with the date period set to the current day:

  • TID

  • Offer id

  • Affiliate

  • Postback URL

  • HTTP Status

  • Postback Time

  • Status

For the data fields each option selected appears as a column in the Affiliate Postback log report. Each field displaying here is static value, which means it cannot be modified.

Date Filters in Affiliate Postback Logs -

  • Offer wise Affiliate Postback Logs

  • Affiliate wise Affiliate Postback Logs