Add Advertisers

In Offer18, Go to Advertiser >> Advertiser >> Click on +Add Advertiser button. Here. Fill the basic details of the advertiser Click on submit button to Create

Step-3: Fill all details of affiliate for whom account is being created



First Name

First Name of the advertiser.

Last Name

Last name of the advertiser.


Company of the advertiser.


Email of the advertiser.


Create password for advertiser/ or generate it automatically

Account Manager

Affiliate Manager Assigned to the advertiser.


Status of advertiser account.

Send Email

Enable checkbox to send credentials to advertiser.

Security Token

Enable Postback Security Token to enhance postback security.

This token will be used in postback of this advertiser. without this token conversion from advertiser will not be recorded in platform.

Click on Submit Button (New advertiser account will be created)

Important: Reason if you are not able to create advertiser account will be the email address associated to another advertiser usr on the network (including deleted or blocked accounts)