Conversion Logs

The Conversion Logs shows full information about the conversion received on daily basis by default. In addition, users can also reject approve conversions directly in the log result.

Conversion's status can only be modified in conversion logs.

The conversion list of each and every conversion that have recorded into system. In the conversion report, you can select from a large number of data fields to display and narrow down your results using filters. You can also adjust the data filters and select a time-frame to fetch data from conversion logs.

In Offer18, Navigate to Report >> Conversion Logs, you will see the current day's report by default.

Modifying the View Mode in Conversion Logs -

The following fields are selected by default, with the date period set to the current day:

  • TID

  • Total

  • Type

  • Offer ID

  • Affiliate

  • Event

  • Conversion Time

  • Status

  • Note

For the data fields each option selected appears as a column in the conversion report. Each field displaying here is static value, which means it cannot be modified with the exception of the Status, Note.

Filtration in Conversion Logs -

  • Offer wise Conversion Logs

  • Affiliate wise Conversion Logs

  • Status wise Conversion Logs

  • Event Wise Conversion Logs

Modifying the Conversion's Status In Conversion Logs -

The main action to perform in conversion log is manage conversion status. There is always a condition of auditing the stats conversions either by user itself or by user's advertiser, resulting rejection of few conversions which are already recorded in real time campaign activity.

Reason of Rejecting Conversion - Conversions are rejected because the user/customer who got converted in campaign has not accomplished the KPI requirement of campaign, i.e., set by advertiser. Another reason, The conversion could have been created fraudulently and needs to be removed from affiliate's billable report.

To Modify Single / Multiple Conversions,

  1. Simply use the checkbox on the list of each conversion row to select that specific conversion user wants to update.

  2. Click on Action button.

  3. Select Action - Approve/Reject Conversion depending on which action you want to take upon selected conversion counts